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78400 Dual Cartridge DI Spot Free Rinse System

78400 Dual Cartridge DI Spot Free Rinse System

Price: $399.00
The 78400 Dual Cartridge DI Spot Free Rinse System is specifically design for highest volume consumption. With the dual #20 Big Blue Cartridge design, the 78400 is ideal for full home glass cleaning, boats/yachts, larger RV's and Class A & B Motorhome maintenance. The dual cartridge assists with even greater time, energy and money savings.
Designed and engineered for a higher volume capacity, the dual #20 Big Blue Cartridges offer approximately 300 gallons of Spot Free demineralized water. The dual #20 cartridges contain premium grade color indicating DI resin for superior results. The color of the resin will change, alerting you when it's time to replace the resin.
System includes a dual line TDS meter to monitor water quality. Both cartridges are easily removed to refill with new DI resin for the next big cleaning job. Product 78415 offers a full system regen.

System is ready to use and includes:

HD powder coated bracket
2 #20 Big Blue Housings with pressure relief valve
2 #20 Big Blue Refillable Cartridges containing DI resin
Dual line TDS meter
Machined Brass fittings and stainless steel fasteners
4' Connection Hose

*Capacity will vary based on water quality. Harder water with higher TDS levels will reduce capacity.

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